Ordination holders are mature ministers whose giftings are duly recognized by the body of Christ and are set apart for the purpose of God-ordained ministry.

Ordained ministers shall have the following functions:

  • To solemnize marriage according to the laws of the Province wherein they minister
  • To officiate at funerals
  • To perform all other duties of their ministry in alignment with Anchor Statement of Faith.

All applicants must meet the following qualifications:

  • All applicants must be 21 years of age or older.
  • All applicants must give assent to the bylaws, policies, and prescribed Confession of Faith of Anchor Ministerial Fellowship.
  • All applicants for ordination shall have a recognized, proven ministry – this meaning that there is clear evidence in the candidate’s life of the following qualities:
    • The call of God
    • The operation of the public ministry gifts according to Eph. 4:11-12, and 1 Cor. 12:18, 27-31.
    • The disposition of genuine spiritual concern for people
    • Discipline and maturity in personal life and public ministry
  • All applicants must submit a completed Application Form including three character references and a signed sponsor form to the Credential Committee of Anchor Ministerial Fellowship for processing. All applicants applying for ordination shall agree to an interview conducted by the Board of Directors of Anchor Ministerial Fellowship or their appointed representatives.
  • All applicants must provide a current and original copy of a level 2 police record check. Online service to obtain record checks will be sent from the anchor office upon reception of a completed application.


The annual renewal fee for Ordination holders is $300.

Please note: New applicants granted an ordination between January 1st and April 30th of the current calendar year will pay the full fee. Applicants granted an ordination between May 1st and September 30th will pay pro-rated fees for the number of months remaining in the current calendar year. Applicants granted an ordination from October 1st until December 31st will pay the full fee and have the expiry date on their credential extended to the end of the following year.

Any questions related to the Ordination process can be directed to info@anchorministerial.org.

Membership Fees

Membership Level Cost
Renewal - Local License $250
Renewal - General License $270
Renewal - Ordination $300
New Ordination - Service Fee $500

Recognition of Ordination

Those applicants who have come to anchor ministerial fellowship having previously held credentials as an ordained minister of the gospel and who have remained in good standing with their previous credentialing body may apply for a special designation called Recognition of Ordination. This designation allows applicants to enter Anchor as a full member of the corporation as an ordained minister without having to proceed through the expectations of entering as a local or general license holder. All of the same privileges and expectations of ordained ministers apply to recognition of ordination. A copy of the applicant’s current ordination certificate and/or fellowship card should be included with their completed application. All applicants seeking recognition of ordination must make note of this special designation when submitting their application.